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Last year I heard Katy Milkman on a podcast discuss the power of fresh starts and it was eye-opening. 

She and her research colleagues conducted some amazing research on the reason why motivation is high at the beginning of things.  The beginning of a new year, the beginning of a new month, the beginning of a new week.   

What they discovered was that for aspirational behaviors like getting into shape, saving money, or quitting smoking, there is often a great deal of procrastination that prevents people from making progress.  

But, interestingly enough, we are naturally wired to strive to implement positive changes in our lives either at the beginning of something new, say for example a milestone birthday, or immediately afterward. 

These landmark times in our lives have a way of fueling motivation.  Naturally.  That’s just how God made us.  It’s as if the slate has been wiped clean on past failures and shortcomings and we can have a fresh start.  

Sure it’s been said over and over that new year’s resolutions often fail within a short time.  But If we are naturally more inclined to be motivated at the beginning of something, then why not work with how God made us and at the very least use this natural motivation to get started.  After we start there are a lot of productivity resources that we can tap into to keep us going in a positive direction.  Here are the ones we’re leaning into this year:  

Get Things Done – We love the focus on getting the things that stress you out of your head through capturing them into a system, even if it’s the notes app on your phone. > Grab it here:

The One Thing – This book is great at helping you distill the most important driver for success on any goal.  Grab it here:

Eat That Frog – This book is all about helping you fight the temptation to avoid doing your one thing.  Grab it here:

So go ahead, use the beginning of the month to refresh some goals, or write out some new ones. 

  • This could be the year that you read through the Bible.
  • This could be the year that you train for a half-marathon. 
  • The year you drop 25 pounds.
  • This could be the year that you practice obedience
  • The year you start your mornings with the Word of God

This could be your year. 

Grab these book recommendations and one of our gorgeous undated Goodness Planners so you get started now with moving from motivation to implementation.

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