A Christian daily planner for women

Seek first the kingdom,
and then all the things

We're glad you're here!

Yall, can we agree, 2020 has been rough!  

NEVERTHELESS, in good times and in bad, God is still on the throne. 
He is still GOOD. 
He is still God.  
His word will never fail. 
And we will forever praise His name.

Isaiah 55:11 states that God’s word cannot return void.  And so we ask that you join us in standing on this word.  Be brave and take Him at His word, this year, next year, and every year thereafter.  We ask that you put away all worry and trust that if you seek Him first, God WILL reward you.  You will have not just what you need to power through your daily to-do’s, but you'll have a peace in your heart that cannot be shaken.   Regardless of what the news says about the pandemic.  And regardless of who's in office... 

Here this!  DON'T. GET. DISTRACTED.  Not by the news of the worsening pandemic or by what is going on in the White House.  It will consume you.  Focus on learning, studying, memorizing and declaring God's word.  Press in so you can get spiritual downloads.  Question everything. Don't follow the crowd.  Lay low.  The Bible says many will be deceived.  May that not be you.

We pray that your hand will never be empty!
We pray that God will supply all your needs!
We pray that the angel of the LORD will encamp all around you and your loved ones, and deliver you from every danger, every illness, and every opposition to that which God ordained for you to accomplish on this earth.  

May the Blood of Jesus cover you.

And may you go forth victoriously.  

Sister, Sister

Production Accountant.  Writer.  Lover of worship music, and K-Drama/Hallmark movie marathons.


tilu khalayi

Wife.  Mama.  Homeschooler. I love documentaries, blueberry scones and doing work that matters.


khatundi manda


— deories m.

My favorite thing about this planner is the To-Do list. No longer do I have to cram my entire day into a calendar box, but the to-do list has plenty of space on every page! I really appreciate how I can separate my schedule from my tasks and have everything in the same place! This planner has been such a blessing to me.

the goodness planner is definitely life changing


— sydney r.

The best part is that it helps me prioritize my time with Jesus, water intake, meals, and exercise!  

i love my goodness planner!


— marnesha a.

it holds me accountable knowing those sections must be checked off above all else. 

what i love most is the prayer and worship section


— Jessica l.

God has used it to help me be intentional about my time and especially about using my time to be with Him first.  My eating and exercise has improved all from just being intentional with my plans.

an answer to my prayers