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i can't afford the planner, but would love to be a part of the community

Our new undated planners allow you to start whenever you would like to.  

what month does it start on?

There's open space on each page that you can use however you would like to

is there space for journaling or sermon notes?

No.  At this time we only offer 12-month planners

do you have 16, 17, or 18-month planners

 We are in ministry and The Goodness Planner is a byproduct of our desire to help you see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. 

how are you different from other faith-based planners?

does the planner include a bible in a year plan?

We used to include a Chronological Bible Reading Plan in the planner, but have had to take it out to cut down on the page count.  It's now available as a FREE download on our Resources page 

what is the difference between the dated and undated planner?

The undated planner features 365 daily planning pages with no shared weekends.  The undated planner also has more free space on the page to customize the page how you see fit

what version of the bible is used?

All Bible verses in The Goodness Planner are New King James Version of the Bible.  Most of the social media posts appear in NKJV, and at times KJV



Absolutely!  You can join our monthly fast on the last day of each month.  We fast from 6 am-6 pm.  Download our FREE fasting toolkit (resources page) and you'll get on the fast track to spiritual success.  We pray for everyone who is fasting with us so join in!

do you have a teacher's planner

We now offer a Homeschool Planner that's avaialable as a digital download in our shop

do you have discbound options

Not at the moment, but we expect to have some in 2023

"Your planner has richly blessed my life and helped me wholly seek the Kingdom first

I felt led by the Lord to share how much of a blessing the Goodness Planner has been to my life! When I say every goal has been met and accomplished thanks to the Holy Spirit and your planner. I gave the Lord each goal I wrote in the planner and each one has been fulfilled. To name a few, I bought my first investment property, got a promotion and was able to steward over my time a little more wisely for the sake of my husband and kids ☺️

-Marla Spence Howell

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