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How much fruit did you bear in 2019?  What seeds did you plant that blossomed and bore fruit?  

Take a moment and think about it.

After you’ve done some soul-searching think about this:  If there’s anything in your life that’s not bearing fruit, scrutinize it and then make a decision.  You have two choices: you can either prune what’s not growing or root it out (discard) and move on.  Fruitfulness is God’s language. Stagnation is not of God, so don’t encourage stagnant situations. Prune or root.  

Next think about the seeds that you want to grow in 2020.  As the year winds down, spend some time in prayer over your list.  Many times we go astray because we come up with good plans (seeds), but don’t take these plans to God and ask, “should I plant this?”

So pray.   Ask God in your prayers to confirm His will for you regarding the seeds you want to plant.

Listen.  As you read God’s word, He will speak to you and confirm things in your heart.  Have a heart to listen to God in whichever means He chooses to communicate to you.  

In 2020, let’s not plant another seed that is doomed to be unfruitful.  That dear friend is not God’s will. God’s will is that you would be a good steward of the days, weeks, and years that He gives you on this earth and that you be fruitful in them.  

Declare the word “no” to any more unfruitful seasons, unfruitful partnerships, unfruitful relationships, unfruitfulness. 


Let’s live life more abundantly, just as God desired.  (John 10:10)


So here’s to being #agoodplanner with us in 2020.   We hope you plan with us by getting the Goodness Planner.

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