Behind the Scenes: Making the 2020 Planner


The Goodness Planner is based in Greenville, North Carolina!

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We weren’t sure we would make a planner this year.  Sure, we love using the planner ourselves, but to do a product run we needed a message to make it worthwhile.  

Our mission with our online ministry Stay Steeped has been to help women realize abundance in their daily lives.  So we stopped to ask ourselves if God would have us communicate something different or expound upon the desire that He has for abundance for us.

We started to think about seeds and how they multiply. We stewed over the idea of how few things communicate God’s goodness to mankind like food.  When the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness, their most frequent complaint was about food. The lack of food variety made them feel unloved.  When they complained, God gave them meat.   

We thought of how we show our love to God through fasting, denying our bodies what they desire, and need to live.  

Food = Love.  Think about it, some of our happiest moments involve meals shared with family and friends. 

So we had a seed

We had abundance

We had food

We had seasons in nature: Seeding, budding, blooming, bearing

We sat with the idea of “Edible Abundance”  From seed to bear. 

With sought out a gifted Christian artist who could crystallize these ideas for us in a series called “Edible Abundance”.   

Our first task was to search for 12 edible species of plants that we could use to showcase these four seasons in nature, and in life. 

Plate No. 12 Walnuts

Without further ado, here they are:

Edible Abundance: The Devotional Botanical Art Series

  • January: Plate No. 1 Dates
  • February: Plate No. 2 Lentils
  • March: Plate No. 3 Almonds 
  • April: Plate No. 4 Beans
  • May: Plate No. 5 Millet
  • June: Plate No. 6 Olives
  • July: Plate No. 7 Pomegranate
  • August: Plate No. 8 Grapes
  • September: Plate No. 9 Spelt
  • October: Plate No. 10 Figs
  • November: Plate No. 11 Gourds
  • December: Plate No 12 Walnuts


So here’s to being #agoodplanner with us in 2020.   We hope you plan with us by getting the Goodness Planner.

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