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Have you recently decided to homeschool, but unsure where to start? The good news is that you can educate your child at home, even if you haven't homeschooled before. In fact, so many of us who choose to homeschool don’t come into it with a background in elementary education, but we can all succeed in teaching our students if we are equipped with solid foundational tools.

With this workbook, you will transform your homeschool, not through buying brand new curricula, but through walking you through foundational tools to help you teach successfully.  

Are you sure I need this? Yes! Here's why.

Foundations will give you an opportunity to develop or fine-tune three key areas in your teaching structure: outcomes, assessment, and content.

To keep it simple, a question like “what does my student need to learn?” addresses the outcomes component, “how do I know he has learned it?” addresses the assessment part, and finally, "what should I teach?" is your content.

Foundations is a must-have planning resource for every homeschooling family. It’s simple, but it’s transformational. And it will help you teach with confidence.

And the good news is you can use this workbook along with any Homeschool planner or curriculum.

This 32-page workbook is delivered as a PDF instantly. 


Foundations in Homeschool Planning



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